Friday, August 20, 2010

How to monetize "smart" traffic

In the past, I've talked about how most internet marketers and search engines go after "noob" traffic.  Noobs are not savvy internet users who just go to the internet to buy movie tickets or to see the possible side effects of medications.  Noobs are the golden traffic ticket because they don't spend a lot of time searching for facts.  A fool and his money are soon parted but a genius and his money you have to pry from his cold dead fingers.

So, what do you do with this genius traffic who advertisers don't want?  Now, it's hard to get money from savvy individuals but you can still get value from individuals.  Capital is more than just money; it's relationships, knowledge, etc.  The most common value listed that you can get from smart traffic is back links.  Smart traffic know how to build a website.  If it's mutually advantageous for you to work out some sort of link exchange or link for content exchange it'll work out.

We'll call this benefit:  Trade.  In economics, trade increases the production possibilities curve for both nations.  By advertising to smart traffic you open up these trade possibilities.  You can also meet up with smart traffic on forums but you'd also want a good website to put your best foot forward.

The next value you can get from smart traffic(that you can turn into money) is partnerships.  Obvious partnerships are starting a website together.  Or for a non-IM niche, you can take the partnership offline.  Let's say you both run blogs that discuss acne cures.  You can start an acne fighting business by combining resources!

The other benefit is content.  Smart traffic posts comments that are intelligent and have good keywords resulting in more noob traffic.  Smart traffic also gives you new content ideas either through email or via the comments section.  They might even chew you a new one in the comments section resulting in traffic entertained by your rivalry.

Targeting smart traffic is a lot harder to monetize but it is a lot more powerful.  Wallets and credit cards can't change the world.

How do you target "smart" traffic?  Keywords.  Instead of weight loss, use keywords like fat loss or how to reduce levels of adipose tissue.  Use the scientific terms.


  1. I think instead of the term smart trafic you can also use targeted traffic. Long tail keywords may bring you much smarter traffic than main keywords.

  2. it's not so easy. Anyway always a joy to read your articles!