Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making Money by Blogs or Incentivized Websites

The amount of money you can make by blogs seems low in the beginning but it eventually becomes passive income.  With any money making method you need to get traffic.  Being smart and having good ideas isn't worth a cup of coffee at starbucks.  It's the ability of those intelligent thoughts to attract traffic.  Important pubmed articles on fat loss rank way down low in the search engines.  While inaccurate information like the BMI reigns supreme.  Search engines like google do not seem to be interested in providing people with the correct information but rather the one with the most backlinks. 

With websites designed to garner traffic the ideal traffic is those with more money than sense.  You can monetize smart traffic by building alliances and developing new ideas.  However, most people just want that money.  Incentivized websites like Neobux where you get a percentage of income for every click that your referrals make seems like a good alternative seems like a good alternative than to target credit card happy people.  Instead of targeting people with money, you're targeting people with time.  This is a lot like monetizing smart traffic where you're recruiting people's minds and ideas by ranking high in the search engines.

With sites like Neobux, you make pennies a day.  With a website, you can make a cent for just 20 people visiting and you can do that just by ranking for fluke things or by advertising on forums.  The way to make money by Neobuxian-websites is by referrals and to do that you need to either do social marketing(making friends on forums or games and then selling to them by IM), SEO marketing(which makes it competing with building links for other websites), or by PPC advertising.  With the amount PPC costs you need targeted traffic that will click on ads for a long time to benefit from PPC.  SEO is based on economic theory of opportunity cost and I think in most situations ranking your website to get referrals for an incentivized website will lose to building links for another niche.  Make Money Online is an extremely competitive niche after all and some of the top people do have referral links to incentivized websites.  Social marketing is the best for this.  Gamers are the best because they have Pavlonian training to click for a reward.  You can also offer free game items to people who sign up using your refferal link.

If you play a lot of games, then go the neobux and neobuxian sites route.  If you want to do SEO, then either recruit traffic who have ideas or credit card happy traffic.

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  1. Several of my clients are using neobux and they report some success with this service. If I get more positive replies I'll try it myself.