Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Call to Action Articles Case Study I: Part III

My Ezine Article which targets the keywords building deep links rapidly is up.  It already ranks number one for it's keywords building deep links rapidly.  If you remember in Part II of this case study, my article already achieved number one ranking for build deep links fast and was ranked number 16-18 or so for build deep links.

So, Ezine Articles viewed my 200 word article with a big honking affiliate link as an acceptable landing page.  That means you can use Call to Action Articles as your affiliate landing page too for absolutely free and it doesn't have the clutter of say a Squidoo.  As I get more money there will only be less clutter in the future(right now though the automated Wordpress Google Ads that you have to pay $30 to get rid of are intermittent and only at the bottom of the article).

The general concensus is that you can blast Ezine Articles with more backlinks than you can a normal article so I'm going to try to see how much I can do that to achieve a higher ranking.

Article Ranking Stats:

Build Deep Links Fast: #1
Building Deep Links Fast: #2
Building Deep Links Quickly: #6, Ezine Article: #1
Building Deep Links: #69 Ezine Article: #3
Build Deep Links: #19 Ezine Article: #5
Deep Links: The Abyss Ezine Article: #73

Several of the do-follow social bookmarking services I submitted too also got indexed and showed up.  They are effective.  You can strengthen your social bookmarking links in a non-spammy way by linking to your profile page.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Call to Action Articles Case Study I: Part II

So the goal was to rank my article for Build Deep Links Fast as stated in part I of the article ranking case study.  It is already ranking number one for Build Deep Links Fast and is on page two number 16 for Build Deep Links.  So my next goal is to get the article ranking number on for build deep links as build deep links fast has no search volume.  My Ezine Article hasn't even been approved yet so I can't focus on the whole landing page aspect.  I wrote about two articles including the previous part of this article and I used social bookmarking tools.  That was about all it took to get number one ranking in a couple of days for a four word length long tail keyword(not that it gets any search traffic but it still should have a good conversion rate for the referral program).

Best Reviewer can build 20 deep links at a time.  Nothing can beat that. Say what you will about the C-class ip restriction but you can use best-reviewer to link to your articles on other sites with more domain authority.  The C-class ip theory runs in contrast to PR theory but just only work for one link per domain per PAGE(not per domain).  If you get easy links run with them.  Then you have a whole new page that your article and bookmark is on that you can link to.  We will see what happens for the slightly more competitive keyword of "Build Deep Links".

My Ezine Article is using the anchor text of Building Deep Links but it might take a while to be approved since it's only 250 words.

There are two main internet marketing methods:

Adsense Critical Mass-Build so many pages that you eventually get ranked for so many long tails that you start to make money.
Targeted Affiliate Page-Build links to get targeted traffic to a page that leads to an affiliate program they are looking for.

In method one, you really want somewhere where you get 100% profit sharing eventually but you'll take traffic to the other sites.  You're not trying to rank for specific keywords you're just trying to build your network and you figure that you'll get enough traffic eventually.

In method two, you're funneling traffic to a specific page where you want them to do a specific action(Call to Action).  You don't want them to click on a Google Ad or a link to one of your other pages.  You want them to click on the affiliate link.  You're trying to build highly keyword targeted links to a specific page.

Call to Action Articles strives to meet method II and it'll prove it's power when I start getting conversions for Best Reviewer.  Most Article Directories go for Method I.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Call to Action Articles Case Study I: Part I

In order to showcase the incredible usefulness of my new article directory Call To Action Articles, I am going to do a case study for an article on site for the keywords Build Deep Links Fast.

In order to start the ball rolling I'm going to try to rank for my own article for those key words.  Call to Action Articles is already indexed in google and is ranked number 2 for those keywords.  I chose build deep links fast as my keywords as the top ranking site in Google is a forum.  It is also easily optimized for the referral program I am choosing which is Best Reviewer which makes building 20 internal links at a time a cinch.

I also wrote an Ezine Article and I'm going to try to rank for that as well to show that you can use Call to Action Articles as a landing page for your affiliate links(Ezine Articles forbids direct affiliate links).  I'm also going to try to rank for that as well.

Also, I wanted to show that you can use affiliate programs to build backlinks.  In Best Reviewer, all your referrals build inbound links to your site for you.  I believe Free Traffic System has a link based referral system has well.

This page will serve as an example of how to use Call to Action Articles to build an effective landing page for Ezine Articles and other sites that forbid direct affiliate links and how to use Call to Action Articles as a direct portal for conversions.  You can use squidoo but Squidoo is cluttered.  CTA Articles is already less cluttered and I will be removing other things that clutter the site after I get the $15.00 for Custom Css.

Internal links will be minimized so people don't spam the directory with articles.  I want people submitting a few articles and then promoting those articles to make sales.  I want bum marketers to have a place where they can build landing pages for Ezine without a Squidoo lens.

So I'm going to be tracking my progress for the keywords and I'll post another entry once the Ezine Article is approved.  I've already backlinked the Article with social bookmarking sites and I'll track it's ranking for the term Build Deep Links Fast. As of right now, the post is indexed in Google but nowhere else.  This post links to that article so I will start backlinking this post and see if I can start boosting the articles rankings!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to use Call to Action Articles

Call to Action Articles is a new Article Directory I created which is optimized for Affiliate Bum Marketing.  I wanted to illustrate how powerful this article directory really is with a new post I made advertising She Told Me.  In the future, there will be a lot more features(need to buy No Ads+Custom CSS Upgrade for $45 then there are space and user upgrades as the need arises) but right now Call to Action Articles is very powerful for Affiliate Bum Marketing.  Once I get the CSS Upgrade, there will be fewer links on the page distraction the user from your text.

All you need to register is to shoot me an email and I will hook you up.  Let's compare Call to Action Articles to Squidoo there are a lot of other ads competing with your affiliate link.  The key to affiliate marketing is to not have any distractions from what you want the user to click on.

Let's go back to the She Told Me page I did.  I have an affiliate banner at the top and the bottom.  I have heavily promotional text convincing people of the power of She Told Me.  Can you get a page of that kind of Affiliate Marketing Power with traditional Bum(free) Marketing methods?  No.

You can do a Blogger blog but you won't get the juice from a dot com domain and you won't be able to get the template flexibility that you can with Wordpress.  Now Call to Action Articles doesn't have a lot of domain authority but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use it.  I even allow you to use duplicate content as long as it has a Call to Action and is in promotional speak.

So what you can do is build a page on Call to Action Articles and instead of having affiliate links on all your other pages divert the link juice to your Call to Action Articles page.  Then you get the link juice from those other sites and the benefit from the Template provided by Call to Action Articles.

Now even with the template advantage of Call to Action Articles you may still get more traffic and more click-thrus with your affiliate links on Ezine or Squidoo.  With Squidoo, you can keep the affiliate link on the site and still link to your Article with affiliate link or banner.  With Ezine Articles, you can do half and half, keep your affiliate link as one of the links and use the other to link to your article on CTA Articles.

I hope you realize the Bum Affiliate Marketing potential of Call to Action Articles and give it a try today.

A Bum Marketing Friendly Article Site

I'd like to present a new article directory called Call to Action Articles.  I reflected that although Ezine Articles was good for building backlinks it wasn't nearly optimized for Affiliate Bum Marketing.  What made Ezine Articles good for Bum Marketing was it's enabling of a strong call to action but there were a whole bunch of ads on the page.  Also the article can not be self promotional.

Call to Action Articles is in beta and as I get some Google checks I'll be able to add more features but the core is working now.  With Call to Action Articles you can post your affiliate link on the top with no competition from ads.  There will be no internal links on the page distracting the reader.  You get all the juice.  Post a big honking Amazon widget. 

Features to come include making the page even more spartan so there's nothing distracting readers from you and your affiliate links.  You can use Call to Action Articles to build links as long as you have a good Call to Action but it's primary purpose is for affiliate links.  Why should you build links to Ezine Articles where a lot of the traffic clicks out to the Google Ads on the page?

You will need to build backlinks to your articles as there are no internal links and I have provided some instructions under tips. 

Why you should use Call to Action Articles:
  • Call to Action Articles is self hosted so benefit from the search engine juice from a dot com domain.
  • No ads competing with your link.
  • Self promotion is allowed.
  • Duplicate content is permitted as long as it follows the rules.
  • Call to Action Articles is free!
Email me at to sign up for Call to Action Articles Today!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Page 360 site review

Page360 is another do-follow social bookmarking site with revenue sharing.  It's not as good as She Told Me.  The interface is not as good and I couldn't see the Google Adsense blocks.  You only have to write 100 words rather than 250.

My Tier pyramid will now look like this:

1) Height Increase blog
2) This Blog
3) Infobarrel
4) Ezine Articles
5) Best Reviewer
6) She Told Me
7) Page360

Page 360 is at the bottom because you always have to write more pages for the lower tiers than the higher tiers and only requiring 100 words making content for page 360 is pretty fast.  The highest vote level is 12 whereas the highest vote level for She Told Me is at 18 and Digg is at 400 or something.  So I assume the site is pretty new.  Also, there are not a lot of reviews of it.

Page360 also has more ads than She Told Me making it less likely for people to click on your ad.  Unlike with She Told Me though you do get an internal link when you post a comment.  I have started bookmarking my She Told Me Scoops with Page360 which is pretty zany.

Page360 has potential and you can always use more backlinks and you might make 0.0001 cents from it.

I wonder if more do-follow social bookmarking sites with revenue sharing are in store.  None of the do-follow/sb/revenue sharing sites aside from karma linx are on social marker.  There is also Xomba which has social bookmarking as well.

She Told Me is better than Page360 but because Page360 provides quick links do you have to use it?  I wonder how many more bookmarking sites we'll see.

How to fight Made for Adsense sites like Wisegeek

A Made for Adsense site is rarely a yes or no endeavor.  Usually there are degrees to how much exactly a site is Made for Adsense.  There is a spectrum to how much a site is designed for the user experience and how much a site is designed to make money from Google.  Wisegeek is a site way on the spectrum of making money from Google(they don't deserve a link, even a no-follow one).

Wisegeek's page is almost completely filled with adsense ads.  They have adsense ads that look like menus.  You click on anything and you get nothing but ads.  There is content hidden off to the side and bottom of the page.  The layout is so bad it's almost painful to try to read the content.  I can't believe it was a Yahoo pick and received a reccommendation from Encyclopedia Britanica.

Wisegeek makes Google a lot of money as they have a premium adsense account so obviously fighting them through Google is not the way to go.

Why should you fight Made for Adsense sites?  They cost other publishers money by giving advertisers less value per click(more likely to have accidental clicks which Google cannot keep track of all of).  Also, people may click just because they hate the layout of the site and click out which also hurts advertisers.  They also may click on something thinking that it's a menu button resulting in more accidental clicks.  It also hurts the quality of the internet which further harms publishers.

So, who do we go to to fight Made for Adsense sites like WiseGeek?  The advertisers.  In the adwords tool there's a way, there's a way to forbid your ads from appearing on certain properties or webpages.  What we have to do is get the advertisers to use this tool to stop ads from appearing on sites like Wisegeek.

Advertising is all about getting the most profit from your money.  There is so much clutter on wisegeek that people may just start clicking on ads not knowing what they're looking for.   I find it hard to believe that advertisers are getting the most bang for their back on a site like that.

When do advertisers get the most benefit from the ad?  When they are the only ad on the page.  With Graphics to differentiate itself from the content(sometimes results in off-topic ads, the smaller the ad block usually the more on topic they are with the theme of the site).  The lower down on the content the better(advertisers get better click thru-rates on when you scroll through the different pages on the ad block page 2 ads on the ad block get high click thru rates); these ad blocks are only available lower on the page) as then the searcher is done with the page and is looking for a new site to focus their attention on.  If they click on an ad at the top of the page, they may hit the back button if the ad doesn't give what they were looking for.

Why shouldn't advertisers just use adsense for search and give up on adsense for content altogether?  Some niches are not suited for adsense for content like specific buying keywords.  Adsense for content allows you to target verticals.  Someone on a muscle building page may be interested in a fat lass product too.

Adsense for Search leaves you open to people who are just clicking on your link to get keywords to build pages to target (i.e. your product + scam or +review).  Search ads get people whom are less desperate as adsense for search are the first links they see on their quest for knowledge.  However, they also haven't had a chance to read negative reviews about certain products...

People who click on search ads who haven't used google before may not know it's a product ad and may just be looking for information.  Some people may use certain sites as portals for information and may not even use search engines.  There are also a lot of ads on the Google search results page and they may just start clicking until they find what they are looking for.

Google Adwords for Content on Google Adsense publishers gives advertisers the best value(except in buying niches and niches with bad reviews) by bringing more attention to the ad and more targeted traffic leading to a higher conversion rate(surfers may confuse Google search ads with actual results).  Made for Adsense sites like Wisegeek hurt the publishers by costing advertisers money that could be used on higher bids.  We need to inform advertisers that they can exclude their ads from being shown on Wisegeek and thereby get more value for their money.

Monday, October 18, 2010

How to Improve Bing

Previously, I wrote an article about How to Improve Google.  I also wrote about how to build a search engine to compete with Google.  I had a number of criticisms of Google but as I read somewhere "Google may let people stuff the ballot boxes but at least it allows people to vote" and "Bing is a decision engine but it decides for you."

Bing is not a better search engine than Google because it isn't trying to be.  It's trying to compete with Google only in money making traffic.  Using Facebook likes to help determine search results isn't a step in the right direction.

Bing is horrible at indexing new websites.  If you want to find your friends website, use Google.  If you want to shop use bing.  If you look at Bing and look right over next to the web tab, you can see a shopping tab.  Google hides it's shopping tab better.

Bing is not a search engine.  It's not designed to find sites.  If you're looking for obscure information, Bing won't help you find it.  What Bing is good at is helping people to shop online and find the best prices.  Bing is a shopping engine.

The first way to improve Bing is to improve it's marketing.  Decision Engine still implied that it was a search engine and could you find what you were looking for.  Bing is good for mainstream and pop culture stuff.  Naming it as a pop culture engine would be good for marketing as that would imply shopping as well.

Then people will know that you have to bend over backwards to get indexed with Bing and if you're looking for information about your buddy's latest blog post you should use google.  If Bing was marketed as a pop culture engine then people would know that they should use it to find Access Hollywoods page on Katie Perry but they shouldn't expect to find Joe Nobodies(sucks for us Joe Nobodies though)...

Bing is very bad for smaller publishers but very good for internet noobs who don't want to see spam(an advantage of not indexing anything).  Bing isn't the ideal website that internet publishers would like to see to compete with Google(one with less reliance on backlinks and more on content) but it's one way to target a particular branch of Google's market.

Bing should only try to compete with Google in one area: buying traffic.  Integrating facebook likes doesn't help with that.  Buying traffic is swayed by ads and product placement.  The best way to improve the Bing search engine for this kind of traffic is to provide the best deals and to show the most shopping options.

If Bing goes after all the shopping traffic then it'll force Google to improve it's algorithm for information traffic.  Probably a good thing for us publishers.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is Ezine Articles a Made For Adsense site?

Ezine Articles is clearly designed to make lots of money with adsense but there are degrees to how much a site is a made for adsense site.  I'm going to go through all the criteria and see how much Ezine Articles fits of being a MFA site.  Note:  No matter what Ezine Articles will always receive new articles as each article you submit gets a fresh backlink to your profile page reminding search engines of all the other articles you submitted.

1) Site layout is designed to make the maximum amount of money on adsense.

Take a look at my grow taller article hosted on ezine articles(shameless backlink).  First, notice how ugly the site is.  Most MFA's have an ugly site to increase click through rate.  Notice the Google search button right at the top then a google ad and then another google ad.  Then there's one more google ad at the side and one more tiny google ad under all the adsense menu options.  The layout of the site is not designed to improve the user experience but rather to make money with adsense.

Layout wise Ezine Articles is a Made For Adsense site.  Even the minimum content length of 250 words is designed to make money from adsense as this allows a higher ad density versus content.

2)  Site is only designed to make money from adsense(no other monetization methods) and nobody uses the site for other purposes.

People use the site for backlinks and affiliate sales.  Some quality sites do syndicate Ezine Articles content.  People also use Ezine Articles for Niche research.  If people only used Ezine Articles for backlinks then it would definitely be a Made for Adsense site as then no one would write article for readers but rather for SEO purposes.

Ezine Articles does have several bonuses for affiliate sales.  The call to action at the bottom of the article.  The status as expert author to build trust with the reader to make them more likely to buy.  There are also several tutorials on the site on how to use Ezine Articles for sales.  The alternative monetization method of getting a Premium subscription is also geared for affiliate sales.  I can't imagine why backlink borgers would want to have premium status.  The ability to save signatures and to schedule release of content favor affiliate sellers.

Some changes like not allowing direct affiliate links and requiring a landing page hurt Ezines status for affiliate marketers.  Although marketers can always sell their own products and people get around the restriction.

The more Ezine Articles moves away from servicing affiliate marketers, the more it becomes a Made for Adsense site.

3)  Content rules match Googles guidelines.

A true MFA site would only use Google's content rules to decide which content to allow for it's site as that would allow it to host more articles and get more clicks.  This is one criteria that Ezine Articles definitely doesn't fulfill.  EA has all kinds of silly criteria like not allowing the mention of EA in an article, a keyword density limit, and all kinds of silly nonsensical rules.

Ezine Articles is very close to being a MFA site but is saved by it's weird editors and affiliate marketers.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Google Webmaster Tools illuminates ranking criteria

One of the best ways to find out how Google ranks sites is to look it's own tools like Google Advanced Search.  I haven't used Yahoo Site Explorer in a while but I'll have to so I can use She Told Me Scoops to build backlinks to things that are linking to my site.  Unfortunately, it's a pain to see links built to individual pages with Yahoo Site Explorer leaving an opening for a good paid tool(Hoping for free).

Anyways, Webmaster Tools shows the number of domains and the number of pages each domain is linking too.  This sort of validates my theory about The Power of Content and the importance of building the size of your site.  Each new page gives a new opportunity to link to a new page from the same domain increasing the metrics of your site.  So, it would seem that it's not a C-class IP penalty but top level domain penalty.

Webmaster Tools also lists your top ranked pages and how many individual domains are linking to each page.  Of course Google also lists the anchor text that's linking to your site in Webmaster Tools.

So to maximize ranking using the new Google Webmaster Tools data:

One link per domain for each page using your anchor text.  I don't think anchor text variation will save you and allow you to link to one page from the same domain anymore(I don't have that thought I mean, I'm not saying that that was true and now isn't).  You need to vary the domain and the page linked to as well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tech Savvy Traffic Builds More Backlinks

The spammers get the same tools in every niche.  Article Marketing Automation works as well in the yo-yo niche or the internet marketing niche.  The social tools that white hate bloggers or webmasters get is not the same in every niche, there's sub 10 people in the height increase niche that have websites but I'd guess there's over 1,000 in the Make Money Online Niche.  My scientific post on Indian hedgehog proteins isn't likely to generate a lot of natural back links.

So what do I do?  I build an SEO blog to tech advantage of the tech savvy potential of this niche.  Then I link to my normal blog and channel the tech savvy linkage to my main blog.  This niche has some awesome writers like Ben, Grizz, Allyn Hane, Frank Carr, and Splork.  I'm not likely to be able to compete with any of them(except as a source of do-follow back links).  I can try sucking up to them and see if I can get a few reciprocal links that way(that's what the Splork video was for).  I'd love to be a support blog for Grizz even if I just got a little bitty extra strength for my own personal links.

Darren Rowse uses problogger as a support site to his digital photography school.  Some of his posts consist of nothing but links to Digital Photography School(the legendary sneeze pages).  His DPS may make more money and he may be more passionate about it but Problogger brings in the links.

And I will never count on Google or the other search engines to fight Black Hatters.  The Black Hatters can just scrape and spin other people's quality content and rank number one with that.  So, I'll probably be making some various fan videos of popular bloggers to see if I can get back links from their blogs.

Now the black hatters like Grizz and Ben don't funnel back links from their SEO blogs to their passion sites(because they don't want to give Google a paper trail to their money sites) but Darren Rowse does.  And one of the advantages of being white hat is that you get to put everything out there on the table.  Use the white arts and hope to god that a Bear practitioner of the black arts casts a powerful link juice spell on you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Splork Fan Video

I made a fan video of Splork from lost ball in high weeds:

Postrunner Review

Previously, the Postrunner system was mentioned as discouraging people from posting on their own blog as they can always just post on another blog in the postrunner system to get Article backlinks to their site.  Posting on an article directory results in a loss of the title bonus but as illustrated by Ezine Articles it is possible to make up for it with enough authority.  Splork recently wrote a post about The Keyword Academy and how it ensures he never has to write content again.

He submits his wordpress blog(10$ a month for hosting) and waits for the articles to come in.  Then he pays other people to write articles to build backlinks to the articles other people wrote.  Then he spins those articles and uses fast backlinking methods to get juice to his site...

So not only is there no need to post on your own blog, there is also no need to write your own articles.  The work involved is using Micro Niche Finder or other keyword tools to find "green" keywords that make profit greater than expenditure.  I prefer to just churn out articles until I churn out enough to make a profit...

The internet is becoming rather like The Stock Market where you make predictions on which domains will be valuable in the future and buying and selling domain names for profit.  IMO, social traffic would be good to determine which sites determine Exact Matching Domain.  People typing in Forbes in the search engine will be looking for and the site will have a high click-thru rate and a very low bounce rate.  People typing in Where Can I Buy Acai Berry? will not be looking for and the site will have a lower click-thru rate and a lower bounce rate.

I tried Postrunner's 30 day trial and I got some okay backlinks.  Will I try it again when I have money for the 33$ a month and can submit my own wordpress site?  Maybe.  Then I can move Ezine Articles lower on my Tier chart and I can also see what other people are doing and read other peoples content.  I think it would be great fun.  I don't think Postrunner is worth it without your own Article Directory though, I would much rather just submit to the same sites and build up internal linkage.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Will She Told Me be Google Slapped?

Many things that have been exploited by Internet Marketers have been Google slapped such as Hubpages and Squidoo, will the same fate be suffered by She Told Me and Best Reviewer?  Those sites were a part of something called bum marketing, where you tried to rank for long tails using the authority of Squidoo and Hubpages.  Then you would make money using affiliate programs or google adsense.

You can churn out a lot of content really fast on She Told Me and take advantage of the instant indexing to make money off some long tails.  You can get automatic approval on infobarrel but it's a lot faster to write a paragraph then 325+ words.  You can even develop some king of recursive system between She Told Me and Best Reviewer.  Top 3 Scoops and then you submit your Top to She Told Me.  Then make a top of three of your tops and submit that top as a scoop.  Then make a top of three of your tops and submit that as another scoop.  And then do another top based on your top 3 scoops and so on.

I just tested it right now and it's possible to make a top of three scoops.  But Best Reviewer is still growing and there's new features being added all the time...  So I don't know if Best Reviewer has potential for abuses other than making Google bots explode :)  And I made a top of three tops.

But anyways the instant indexing on She Told Me means that you can get traffic right away and make money right away for keywords.  Eventually you can achieve instant indexing on your own site but then you can't rank with a paragraph.

What you can do is rank for very obscure terms like "Does Kelly Clarkson have a mole on her left toe?"  Then get traffic and make money off those very obscure one searches per year kind of terms.  Then make money off trickle traffic.

It's extremely powerful and extremely easy to make 100s and 100s of tops and scoops very quickly.  There has to be some potential for abuse and I think eventually there will be a Google smackdown.

How to use She Told Me and Best Reviewer

Earlier I gave rave reviews to She Told Me and Best Reviewer, now I want to explain how to use these sites for your internet marketing endeavors.

All sites on lower tier have links to all the sites on higher tier.

Tier I-Your Site
Tier 1.5-Your Support Sites(Have to be this high to get needed authority)
Tier II-Infobarrel
Tier III-Ezine Articles(Maybe lower as no profit sharing, but I'm not sure how they would handle links to scoops and tops!)
Tier IV-Best Reviewer
Tier V-She Told Me

Of course there are forum links as part of this but you can only chose to send your profile and sig links to one site.  Also, there are blog directories as well.  Digg would make a good Tier VI but it frowns upon self promotion.  You can make scoops of your tops from Best Reviewer.

You really want to try to make good search engine content for your scoops and tops.  At the time of this posting, one of my scoops ranks number 3 for She Told Me review.  So you can get your Scoops and Tops ranked!  You can rank them for cousin keywords and various long tails.  I've mentioned that She Told Me has mostly internet marketing traffic well you could get search engine traffic too!  I'm not sure how targeted the ads will be however but every little bit counts.

I'm having a hard time coming up with a good Tier VI to help the She Told Me and Best Reviewer Tops Rank.  But remember you can get your tops and scoops ranked for things and by doing that not only can you build your link network, you can get a little extra money too!

Friday, October 8, 2010

She Told Me-Site Review

In the last entry, I reviewed She Told Me's sister site Best Reviewer.  I gave the site rave reviews and said that it was a good way to make up to 20 deep links at a time and a way to make a couple of extra pennies on the side.

She Told Me is a do-follow bookmarking site and it also features profit sharing.  Again the profits will be on the penny level but the monetize aspect does offer some interesting incentives.  Unlike Best Reviewer, comments don't link to your profile so there is no incentive to comment for internal link juice.  But, what the profit aspect does is that it encourages you to submit other sites that might get a lot of votes.  Not only does submitting good sites get you votes but each time you submit a site you get a link back to your website.  This is in stark contrast to a site like Digg where you only want to submit your own content.

There are some other features that Best Reviewer has that She Told Me doesn't like Best Reviewer lets you put the anchor text for your site link and Best Reviewer posts your referral link on your tops.  This enables you to perhaps luck out and get a few free referrals and perhaps a little extra money.  The big difference as mentioned earlier is the inability to build internal links to your scoops with comments this means you have to work on your own to get your links indexed.  There is a top 10 commenters plugin so if you leave enough comments you get an internal link to your profile on all your pages.

If you look at one of the comments on this site you can see that I got some referral traffic from She Told Me but I'm not sure if the traffic is from people other than other Internet Marketers.  Hence why I'm going to be playing up the Do-follow aspect of this blog.  The traffic does not seem high on the site as the scoop with the most votes at the time of writing is 12.  Since the site targets internet marketers so heavily it's unlikely for it to ever be able to contract the mainstream public that advertisers covet.

Buying traffic wants to read stories about celebrities and beauty secrets.  Unfortunately, there's no incentive for the Internet Marketing traffic to really participate and vote on other scoops unless you want to find new active do-follow blogs or check out what niches other people are writing.  But, the good news is that She Told Me is not one of the sites available on Social Marker so there is an incentive for people to actually visit the site and not just bots.

She Told Me is a great site that needs to implement some of Best Reviewer's features and needs to find a way to encourage people to vote on stories and visit them.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Best Reviewier-Site Review

I found a genius idea for a site called Best Reviewer.  The site is awesome.  You put together Top Lists.  Like I did a list of Top 17 Height Increase Methods.  All 17 of the links(*gasp*)you guessed it, linked to my site.  Normally social bookmarking is a pain.  This method allows you to churn out 20 deep links really quickly.  You just have to write a main description for your top.

There's also profit sharing.  You get 100% of the profits for one ad block.  This will probably earn you a couple pennies but it can add up!  If you refer someone you get profit for an adsense block.  The revenue sharing offers a good incentive to make a really good top as the more impressions you get the more money you make!  And your referral link is at the bottom of all your tops so you can make money if someone just clicks on your top. Also for all your referrals you get an anchor text backlink on all of their tops. The site even lets you chose the anchor text of the link making the links extra strong.

The monetary incentive allows you to make money by not just spamming your link(which is easy to do as you can spam 20 links at a time) but by posting quality tops and making good top 20 lists.  You can make money if your page goes viral.  There's also a good incentive to leave comments as each comment you give builds an internal link to your profile page building up link juice to your old tops.

The navigation of the site is very confusing but the site seems like it is under construction so that will improve with time.

For the referral system, you will have to either get social traffic or build targeted articles to try to convert people.  They do post your referral link on your site so you may happen to get Best Reviewer referrals that way.

Monday, October 4, 2010

How important is the syndicated content of Ezine Articles?

Ezine Articles is the number one article directory because the rich article directories just get richer.  Infobarrel is gradually catching up due to it's profit sharing.  The main feature that Ezine Articles has over Infobarrel is the syndicated content(I do like some elements of the Ezine Articles editor more than Infobarrel but Infobarrel makes it easier to insert links).

When we studied Google ranking factors using advanced search we found that the hardest criteria to meet was to meet the title.  Google was flexible on keywords in domain, post, and links but not on title.  It wouldn't even count the title of the post it had to be the title of the site.

That's where the syndicated content of ezine articles comes into play.  No matter how much Google loves Ezine Articles the title of the site will always be Ezine Articles.  Whereas if your post gets syndicated it could be syndicated on a site that has your keywords as a title.  Usually, the sites that syndicate the content don't have search engine friendly titles like my content has been syndicated on movie matic(Movie is a good keyword) and people's health portal(people and health could be good keywords but not for most health terms).

By Ezine Articles syndicated content your content may be syndicated on an article site that has a better title for your keyword.  Now how good this title is depends on how broad your keywords are(like Movies and Health).  Otherwise, you might as well post on infobarrel(and then use ezine articles to link to infobarrel as tier three or below of the link pyramid).  I think it would be easier to blast backlinks to a site with a good title that corresponds to your keywords then it would be to ezine articles despite their domain authority(unless your site keywords are ezine and articles; but hey maybe your site keywords are info and barrels).

There's also the advantage that you can self syndicate the ezine article to other article sites but me personally I would rather just use infobarrel.