Saturday, November 6, 2010

Finally Passed 300 people a day on my Height Increase Blog

Finally, hit the over 300 people a day milestone on my grow taller blog.  The majority of that is actually not due to search engines but rather due to referral traffic.  The highest number of visitors so far for me has been 313.  I've been pretty aggressive with linkbuilding lately and I've just started using hubpages.  All my links from there are still no-follow.  I'm working hard on changing that.  The new search engine blekko does not like my blog at all.  Google likes my blog the best.  I still rank mostly for one search a month long tails although I do rank for a couple of grow taller/height increase terms.

Blekko doesn't like Call to Action Articles either so it's probably not due to a bias against blogger blogs.  If you look at Blekko tools you don't see as many links counted as you would with Webmaster Tools.  Blekko is just really stingy about what links it will or won't count.  You can see this fact if you look at Blekko's link tools.  Blekko is designed to be anti-spam and really being anti-spam isn't that effective as sites like Wikipedia can be spam too by displaying incomplete sections of the site(under construction pages).  My site the Quest for Height is number two ranking in my search for quest for height in contrast to Google which has me at the number one and two spots plus the majority of the other spots all talking about my Quest for Height Blog.

The most important function for a search engine is how it deals with tech support queries not with spam.  I can afford to look around spam a little bit but I want a search engine that can crawl deeply into the search engine to find specific tech support questions.  People with computer problems are desperate and are willing to try new search engines to get the answer.  I queried in Blekko:  "What do I do if Windows explorer is not loading?"  First result was about ipods.  Ask got a great result from this query(Ask has been improving a lot lately):  And showed me results from the microsoft forums.  Bing got some good results too giving me seven or so forum threads to try.    Google was not as good as either ask or bing but at least 5 out of 10 were relevant to my query.  Yahoo got 10/10 right in terms of relevancy.

Based on this test I'd expect more people to use ask, bing, and yahoo in the future.  Hopefully not bing as bing seems to hate blogger.  So if I want to increase traffic to my website I should do more to try to target those three search engines(for bing how do I pretend not to be blogger?).

People seem to be digging my science stuff on hubpages and I've got some followers due to my hub about how I grew taller.  So for right now I'm going to be shooting for a 75 author score on hubpages, see if I can get 400 people a day on the Quest for Height blog, and see if I can get at least one person to use my Call to Action Articles directory.


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