Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting links from pages you can't link to or don't already have links are worthless

How does Google tell if a site is blackhat?  How does Google normally determine things for it's algorithm?  The number of links it has.  Is a directory full of spun articles likely to get a lot of backlinks?  No.  A person who submits their wordpress blog to free traffic system for 7% bonus backlinks is not likely to spend a lot of time building backlinks to it.  Is a person sending out 1,000's of spun articles with Unique Article Wizard building links to each and every article?  No.

If you articles don't have links pointing to them, they look blackhat.  People who own article directories like me are constantly building backlinks to those directories.  Ezine Articles has a system where each time content is syndicated it builds a link to the author profile page.  People who have directories on postrunner are building links to the articles in that directory so they can make money off those articles.

Article directories like Infobarrel have an affiliate program.  Each time an affiliate link is posted it creates a dofollow backlink to their site.

Perception equals reality.  And if a page has no links it's going to be assumed to be automated or some kind of blackhat system.  Unless someone knows a blackhat way to build backlinks to all those spun articles or the spun articles are on good sites.

Now with social bookmarking it's hard to build links to each individual social bookmark.  What you do is you keep posting social bookmarks which builds a link to your profile page that causes the search engine bots to crawl all your old bookmarks.  Then you build backlinks to your profile page.

If you want to be a white hate seo then you have to look like a white hat seo.  If you're posting an article then why aren't you linking to it?  Is it part of a link farm?  Do you have something to hide?  Is it plagerized content?  Why wouldn't you try to publicize your work?  White hate SEO's should try to link to everything they do(or at least once removed by the profile page).

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  1. Articles with no backlinks to it are still ok, because google knows that an article does not necessarily get any backlinks even though it may present valuable information, maybe because it not was written or formatted well.