Monday, November 15, 2010

I lept into Hubpages and it may partially replace this blog

For a while I had been avoiding hubpages due to the fact that it's no-follow until you get an author score of 75.  I'm so desperate to get backlinks that I finally just decided to take the plunge.  Author Score started out at 30!  I just started churning out hubs.  There seems to be a cap on how much hub karma and author score you can earn a day but now I am at an Author Rank of 83.  I'm curious as to whether I should just try to go all the way for an author score of 100.

One thing I've discovered from hubpages, is there responsiveness to internet marketing articles.  IM articles get a lot of hits and page views.  So, I'm thinking of writing all my IM articles over there where they get more views and have more built in hubpages link juice.  Where does that leave this blog?

Well, I can still provide updates on traffic from my Height Increase blog.  I can still do case studies for my Affiliate Friendly Article Directory.  I rank five for that term by the way.  I have one contributor who hasn't written any articles for it yet.  Just keep trying to publicize it and let it age.

This is a diary after all.  So I guess no more articles about SEO or Internet Marketing and just progress reports on my various projects.  If you look at various blogs across the net you can find tons of IM blogs that are infrequently updated. 

It just doesn't make sense when I have the potential to go for author score 100.  Revenue sharing for IM articles doesn't matter because there biggest benefit is as link bait so this blog will be limited and hubpages away!


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