Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Call to Action Articles Case Study I: Part III

My Ezine Article which targets the keywords building deep links rapidly is up.  It already ranks number one for it's keywords building deep links rapidly.  If you remember in Part II of this case study, my article already achieved number one ranking for build deep links fast and was ranked number 16-18 or so for build deep links.

So, Ezine Articles viewed my 200 word article with a big honking affiliate link as an acceptable landing page.  That means you can use Call to Action Articles as your affiliate landing page too for absolutely free and it doesn't have the clutter of say a Squidoo.  As I get more money there will only be less clutter in the future(right now though the automated Wordpress Google Ads that you have to pay $30 to get rid of are intermittent and only at the bottom of the article).

The general concensus is that you can blast Ezine Articles with more backlinks than you can a normal article so I'm going to try to see how much I can do that to achieve a higher ranking.

Article Ranking Stats:

Build Deep Links Fast: #1
Building Deep Links Fast: #2
Building Deep Links Quickly: #6, Ezine Article: #1
Building Deep Links: #69 Ezine Article: #3
Build Deep Links: #19 Ezine Article: #5
Deep Links: The Abyss Ezine Article: #73

Several of the do-follow social bookmarking services I submitted too also got indexed and showed up.  They are effective.  You can strengthen your social bookmarking links in a non-spammy way by linking to your profile page.


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