Friday, July 16, 2010

In the future will no one post on their own blog?

Wordpress article directories are all the rage.  Due to the C-class IP restriction and self-hosted blogs built in trust ranking, sites like The Keyword Academy and Free Traffic System encourage you to submit your own Wordpress blog in exchange for you being able to post content on other peoples Wordpress blogs in their Article Directories.  You then put Adsense on your Article Directory site and rake in the money.

The experts recommend 90% backlink work and 10% work on your own site.  What if you did 100% backlink work?  If you write articles from your own directories you can get more internal linkage and not have to link to other sites.  There are Wordpress plugins that automate internal linkage and linking to other sites can help improve your ranking based on the anchor text used to link to other sites.

So basically, if you own such an article directory why would you ever post on that directory when you could be posting on other people's article directories generating precious backlinks so you can make money with adsense.  Yes, people will not contribute keyword rich content to article directories but you can overcome anything with enough backlinks.  Also, some directories like The Keyword Academy enable you to edit the content as long as you keep the links in so you can improve the ranking that way(without relying on backlinks).  And as the directories grow, you're more likely to get more gem content thereby allowing you to focus more on linkbuilding to those articles.  The coal articles still give you internal linking opportunities and hey maybe they article poster will send some link juice to those articles.

You just can't compete with an article directory that wants to make money.  Any article directory designed to make money is going to work harder to ensure readable, unique content(The Keyword Academy has a checker to make sure the content is unique).  This is of course where TKA beats Free Traffic System as submitting your word press blog only gets you 7% bonus back links regardless of the actual quality of the blog.  Whereas if you want to make money with a site, you're going to want to make sure your site has a good trust ranking and authority ranking.  You're going to need those two things to beat out the site that the submitted article beats the site it's linking to.

So, I foresee a future where eventually no Internet Marketer writes a word on his own site.  The most they'll do on their own site is install plugins, register a domain name, pick tags and categories, and edit posts so they rank better.


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