Friday, July 9, 2010

Trust Rank

Trust Rank is one of the things most sought after by internet marketers.  How does one acquire trust rank and what does trust rank give?  Here are some theories.

First, we have to look at all the other factors that are not accounted for by the other variables like Page Rank, Site Authority, and so on.

The main factor is the C-class IP restriction.  Many have noted from their own sites get less link juice from the same domain over time whereas domains like ezine and hubpages don't have that restriction.  Trust Rank is one possible explanation.  The higher your trust rank the more links that are counted from a single domain.

Self-hosted domains rank higher than Web 2.0 sites but Web 2.0 sites can eventually catch up but why?  One possible explanation is trust rank.  Trust rank is a modifier on how strong links are.  So the self-hosted domains start with a higher trust rating so they start off with more links counting and stronger but as the Web 2.0 sites acquire more trust rating their links begin to be valued equally to the Self-hosted domains links.

How does one acquire trust rank?  It can't work like PR which can be generated from any form of content.  It also has to be a fairly automated system.  Each domain has it's own trust value. Every link from a new domain gets you a greater point of trust value.  You can't get trust with internal linking like you can PR.  Each unique domain link is one point of trust.  Trust rank has to operate differently from the Page Rank system to have a purpose.  Hence each domain one point of trust.  Higher trust equals more links per C-class ip counting.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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