Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amazon Affiliates versus Google Affiliates

This is a topic that comes up in a lot of blogs.  I am absolutely horrid at monetizing the blog.  I just keep on building links and hope that search engine juice flows praying that eventually I'll get enough money to appropriately fund my height increase efforts.

What I like about Adsense is that it's a measure of how good my blog is.  Every time somebody clicks on an ad it's like I failed to protect them from scams.  What's good about Adsense is that I can make money even if nobody clicks and nobody converts for the advertiser.  Yeah I'll get smart priced but Adsense won't get pulled away like a private ad network would if nobody buys anything.  And there are no regulations against discouraging people from clicking adsense ads :)

What I like about Amazon is that you can go hey check this out, what do you think about such and such product.  Get people to click on the link, the cookie stays for 24 hours and you get irrelevant buys plus you know that Amazon really favors the consumer.  I knew a guy who sold on Amazon and they gave a refund on his products for every little thing.  Click bank has a refund policy too but most of the information on Click Bank is available for free.  You know that Amazon actually gives value to your readers.

The irrelevant product I sold on Amazon so internet marketers are going to love this:  A Hair Loss product.


  1. I think Google Adsense is way better than Amazon for earning income. Of course you can always use both.

  2. Google Adsense is sure better than Amazon because it is more easy to get people to click on them or to earn money just by impressions contrarly to Amazon where people always must buy something, and it is very hard to do so.