Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are people who don't use their keywords as their name in comments the true spammers?

The Power of Content shows us that the anchor text used to link out can help increase your ranking.  The anchor text you use to link out acts like a super bold.  People have reported a ranking increase by linking out to authority sites but I don't think it's the authority site linking that gives the ranking boots it's the link anchor text.  For example if I link out using the anchor text keyword to a post about keywords then that will help this post rank better.

By using their name, people are denying you that opportunity to increase your ranking.  For relevancy, there's no way that google can be that smart.  I don't trust relevancy anymore beyond the word level.  I'm not sure that Google can know the relevancy between all the synonyms and definitely not between unconventional connections.  Let's say your blog is about making money online and someone posts a comment with the anchor text online banking.  You get relevancy for the word online!

Unless your name is something like Tom Cruise then your name doesn't provide any value to the blogger as anything that would be searched for.  There could be a rare circumstance like:  You post a comment under the name Jerry and someone googles "How did my friend Jerry make so much money online?"

Your name is also largely irrelevant except as a means of identification.  A rose by any other name doth smell as sweat...  If your website is a site like Fear dot com where you could die by visiting the website then it would be much better for you to describe the site with your anchor text then use your name.  Your anchor niche can also be used as a form of identification "Hey that guy always chooses banking keywords!"  If that doesn't work then you can always just sign your name on the bottom.

Don't comment spam with your worthless name!  Use your keywords!


  1. The less outgoing dofollow links you have on your page the more link juice your page will keep and the better it will rank in search engine results.

    If you could increase ranking of pages by linking out with relevant anchor text to websites then you could add 30-40 links to each blog post but that would not increase this page's visibility in rankings.

  2. My name is not worthless but I'd rather use my keyword as my name since that is what we suppose to do when making comments on do-follow sites. I totally agree with your post. Unless your name is not relevant to what you're blogging about use more appropriate terms instead.


  3. At last I find some one with common sense,I had some one send me an email asking me to stop spamming so I reply to him by letting him know that the fact that his blog is dofollow is for a reason!

  4. lol... I dont think anyone would agree that their name is worthless lol.. But yes :) Agree with your article - keywords are the way of doing it...

  5. I can't find any thing wrong with using keywords in the name field if the comment is relevant and worthy.

  6. A very interesting view on the keywords in the links and the name, in principle, well founded, many friends heard about the actual method works, but Google is not possible to see through, he can change algorithms to 5 times a day:)