Monday, September 27, 2010

Sample Flakelet article

Got an invitation to attend flakelet.  Couldn't join with my height increase blog as there were articles I could tie in but they promised that they'd promote the post on 2000 of their sites.  So, since this is my "test" blog, I decided to post one of the articles and see how well it helped promote this site.  If it works well, I'll keep checking back for new articles to use on my main site.

6 Helpful Tips for Writing Effective SEO Content

If you want to write effective SEO content, you should write a draft without any of the technicalities in mind, make sure your content is relevant, strategically use keywords on your content, use lists in your article, integrate links seamlessly into the content, and proofread your work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)is the method of creating web pages in such a way that they rank higher in a search engine's search results. Websites that want to promote their products and services through article marketing provide content with SEO in mind. An effective article writer and jacksonville seo expert can create content with the goal of targeting prospects and drawing in potential clients. Here are some tips so you can write effective SEO content.

{Talk about not seamlessly integrating links, it would be seamless if it was minus the jacksonville}

Write a draft without any of the technicalities in mind

Remember that you are writing something that will represent you and your company and that it is important that your content not seem stiff and stilted. It is advisable that you first make a draft or outline of the content you are writing without being overly focused on the keyword density and other technical points. It will be easier for you to integrate SEO tactics in the content later on while maintaining spontaneity and coherence.
Make sure your content is relevant
Some writers purposely mislead people and trick search engines by posting interesting leads or topics unrelated to the actual content. By doing this you are running the risk of losing rank or even getting banned. You should avoid this practice and write content that is actually relevant to what you are trying to promote or sell.

{Search engines have no way of telling exactly what's relevant or not; everything is relevant to each other; if you use adwords then yeah this might be a bad idea as that could be seen as encouraging un-natural clicks}

Strategically use keywords in your content

Keywords help bring in the traffic. The more a particular keyword or phrase is used in the article content, the better that website will rank in search results related to that keyword or phrase. Keywords should thus be used strategically. This is done by increasing keyword density at the first part of the article. You can write conclusions or a comprehensive summary of your content at the beginning of your article using your actual keywords. Your keyword should also be present in the title and first line of your content. But remember to avoid too much keyword density as these might end up getting classified as spam. You can start using synonyms and use other terms in the following paragraphs to avoid redundancy.

{Hmmm....I didn't know keyword density helped.  Title and first line of content are good though.  Synonyms I don't know how smart search engines are.  I think search engines may only care about basic things like past vs. present tense}

Use lists in your article

Lists make it easier for you to write your content and use your keywords more liberally without being redundant. Lists also help make your content more comprehensive and easy to read through.

Integrate links seamlessly into the content

If you are going to link into an external page or website avoid using phrases like ‘click here’. Instead, you should integrate links into the keyword or phrase and use them as if they are actual parts of the content.

Proofread your work

Technicalities aside, SEO writing still applies all the basic rules of grammar and spelling. Proofread and double check your work. Remember that the quality of your work affects how readers and audiences will perceive you and your website. Mistakes and errors will most likely turn off your audience and make you seem unprofessional.

{There were no spelling errors in this article I believe}

SEO is becoming an effective marketing tool for websites and online firms. But you should also remember that the quality of your output should not be sacrificed.


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