Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Ultimalte PLR mad lib!

Feel Free to use this article template as a PLR!

Once Upon a Time, there was a World of Warcraft Gold Guide that everyone wanted.  It was a method of gaining Penis' and building cellphones in Nigeria.  Work-at-Home Mom desperately wanted the World of Warcraft Gold Guide.  She needed it to cure her families man boobs.  Her job as a Medical Biller gave her a lot of tools to use in the quest for this artifact.  They problem is that she was afflicted with acne and that caused her to have a great fear of dog training.

She decided to use her Iraqi Weapon's of Mass Destruction to hunt down the evil Hypnotherapist.  She would then tame that beast and ride it to achieve her Weight Loss goal.  Upon arriving in the cave of the evil Hypnotherapist, she surprisingly found it empty and instead found a Credit Card.  This Credit Card had the ultimate power of Payday Loans. 

Work-at-Home Mom couldn't believe her luck!  She easy-wealthily made her way to the cave that contained the World of Warcraft Gold Guide.  Unfortunately, the Credit Card did not hold the power needed to retrieve the World of Warcraft Gold Guide, as she needed to submit a free email address to acquire the free e-book.  She refused to contribute to the evil American Idol's plan to build the ultimate list.

In the end, her family all died of man boobs.

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