Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Automated Link Exchanges?

I got tired of writing articles so I decided to comment bomb.  Comment bomb is basically reading a whole bunch of do-follow blogs and making some useful comments.  Yeah they usually have strict approval criteria but it may just be faster than article writing.  I found an article on optimal linking for SEO and it stated the criteria for comment approval on the end of the article which I thought was genius.

It said that the comment had to use the keywords of the title in your anchor text.  We know Google's LSI is too dumb to realize when certain things are relevant to each other.  Relevancy is determined mainly on a word by word basis.  This was a genius move.

Then it recommends that you link back to their blog using their own as a favor.  Okay, thanks but I'll skip that but wait if you don't link back to us we'll remove your wonderful link...  The link has to be from the same site so that would make the site less useful if you wanted to enhance an ezine article or something.

Good do-follow links are hard to find.  I think this sites criteria is pretty stingy(the reciprical link part) but I think requiring they use the same keywords that are in your title can be a powerful strategy.  Boosts relevancy scores after all.  If you can find a do-follow blog that allows you to use your keywords and allows you to link to any site that can be a powerful thing(like this one).  You can get links to every page on your site and to all the supporting material.  If you give out links you can assume that people will help you out with forum links or social media links once in a while. If not, oh well.  Required recipricol links are bad even if I just gave Mr. Egypt one...

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  1. Are you testing the google content relevancy in this article? The title keyword 'link exchanges' does not appear in the article content.