Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Art of Predictive SEO

Many SEO Gurus recommend looking at the the Google Keyword Tool to find out what keywords you should be targeting(or they recommend some other method of seeing how many searches a keyword gets).  The keyword you target should always be something of value even if it's just a Do-follow blog for fellow marketers to get backlinks.

If it's not a topic you're interested in you'll find it harder to write about the topic so you should always be interested in the topic level somewhat.  If you get sick of writing about a topic, perhaps your interest will allow you to keep reading about it which will allow you to write just one more article.

The problem with analyzing keywords by looking at search numbers is that that is what all the other marketers are doing!  What people feel to realize is that keyword search numbers can change over time based on news stories and Oprah...

If you pick a keyword ahead of the rest of the game you can be faster in aging and acquiring backlinks.  You can get the optimal url.  Internet Marketing is a numbers game so just keep trying to pick your futuristic keywords and eventually you might find some winners.

Space cars, hoverboards, transports, etc. all might be keywords that are more popular in the future.  Look at products in development(a technique of website flippers) or think of good future movie titles.  If you make a website for every movie eventually another movie will come out using that title.

Don't just look at the keyword tool, look inside your mind for keywords as well.  That is the art of predictive SEO.


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