Friday, June 11, 2010

Diary of a Height Increase Blogger: How to Provide Keyword Value

Hi, my name is Tyler Davis and I run a blog about increasing height.  This is a Make Money Online, Internet Marketing, and SEO blog.  The purpose of this blog isn't to make money but rather to diagram my experiences as a website developer.  I am going to share all the techniques and experiences I have.

Why a second blog?  Well, first categorically the two are different.  Second, I can experiment with this blog like making it do-follow.  Third, a back-linking advantage.  I can back-link to my other blog and get back-links from sources I've already gotten back-links from to link to this blog thus not diluting any "juice".

The lesson of today is how to provide keyword value.  The optimal site for any keyword(let's say that keyword is make money online) is a link with that keyword.  You can also have the keyword in the url but it's hard to have a whole bunch of different sites that all add value to your reader that one site wouldn't do.  You want a site with each possible long tail like: make money online, making money online, earn money online, earn cash online, etc.  It's hard to do a different blog post with each of those keywords in order to add value.  What you can do is go: Make Money Online with Hubpages, Making Money Online with Twitter, etc.  Use the keyword tail you're targeting at least once in the post.  This increases click thru rate as you get more bolds.  Ideally you'd want to use your keyword multiple times in the title but it's hard to do that in such a way as to provide value.  I can think of some exceptions like: "How to Train your Dog: Learn How I Trained my Dog".  You get two extra bolds on train and dog.

Let's say that you want to focus on Make Money Online with Hubpages and Making Money Online with Hubpages.  What you can do is split the content into two parts where each part tackles different content.  You can add other parts as you go each tackling different keywords.

Yes, there is LSI but I've done some testing with my page on increasing height with chondroitin and glucosamine.  I was ranked differently if I typed in grow taller with chondroitin and glucosamine versus height increase with chondroitin and glucosamine.  Ideally, I want a page for both keywords.  I've done that before like on myostatin where each article presented different research on myostatin as so: How to Inhibit Myostatin and Inhibiting Myostatin for Height Increase.

Here's how you do it example(my keyword is Stature increase):

Page Title: Stature Increase by Lateral Loading
Post:  Stature Increase is entirely possible as...

That's it.  Back-links matter but look at a site like yahoo answers that gives by on shear quantity of the keywords it targets.  If you have each page targeting every conceivable keyword(don't just go by google's keyword tool) that people could use to search for the information you're providing then you will get a lot of long tail traffic and that will eventually add up.  That long tail traffic will post on your site, send you emails with ideas, and god willing give you back-links.


  1. Wow, those are some pretty good keyword insights. I suggest you see what works better, an open link-wheel or a closed link-wheel.

  2. What are the advantages of commenting and getting a backlink from a dofollow blog?

  3. Is keyword research worth the cost and effort? I am new to SEO

  4. I read another blog to use 5-7 keyword in your content, you must use your parent keyword in meta tag and title and in first 2 paragraph you should use your keywords.