Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Ingredients of a succesful SEO Blog

Building content for my height increase blog was easy, all I had to do was keep looking through the scientific literature until I found some good proof of height increase.  In the SEO niche, things are a little more complicated as people don't go to websites for content.  They may avoid content that immediately pops-up to sign up for an aweber list but as long as you're not sewage content a lot of content in the SEO niche is the same.  Their are gems but eventually their is a point of diminishing returns where it's better just to start building links rather than finding new info.  Although I can read a post really quickly, I can get the gist of a transcript of a four hour video in less than four minutes.  But there is one thing that people in this niche want and that is do-follow back-links.

Yes, it would be preferable if this was a do-follow blog because of the whole C-class ip thing but what really matters is making sure all of my pages are indexed.  Wordpress plug-ins are okay but I counteract that by letting people just use their keywords in the title.  What keywords to target?  How to advertise the blog?  Well, I'm going to be trying to target the keywords of do-follow blogs and try to appear on lots of do-follow blog directories.  I can also target keywords related to free back-link sources.  The best source of social traffic has always been forum sigs.  You can't really vary the anchor text used or the pages you point to due to the nature of signatures but forums always generate good amounts of traffic.

One thing I've noticed with other SEO blogs is that they post a lot in the first month and then taper off going onto bi-monthly and then maybe even less than once a month.  There's only so much one can benefit from one do-follow blog.  One can get a back-link to every page of their site and a back-link to each of the properties linking to their site.  One has to get these back-links over time in order to avoid appearing spammy.  I know personally, I'm far more likely to approve someone's first comment just so they can get a taste of do-follow goodness and then I start to demand at least a few sentences of content related to the post.  I never understood how some people only allowed do-follow links to related sites.  You're an Internet Marketing blog, they have a website or blog therefore their site is related.  If I was really a stickler, I would make people either use website or blog within the anchor text in their link.  That way I would build relevancy for those keywords(and those keywords would be important for key terms like do-follow website or do-follow blog) and that would also benefit those websites as people do search for things like make money online websites.  But I'm not a stickler, this is an SEO blog you have a web entity that needs back-links therefore you are relevant.

Goals of this blog:
Post once a day for first 30 days then taper
Experiment with what draws targeted SEO traffic(keywords like do-follow blog, back-link source, etc.)
Build traffic from forums and do-follow directories
Ensure that all pages are properly indexed(keyword authority doesn't really matter as in all likelihood it isn't related to the SEOee's site)
Report on progress from this blog and my increasing height blog.
Complain about Google, Wikipedia, and Bing.


  1. I as a beginner blogger was very interesting to read your post, really a lot of important things to create a blog, I found out for myself.

  2. Good luck with your experiment. I look forward to reading each day.

  3. Good advice. I must admit I need to start blogging more often. I've slowed down a lot.

    I'm considering turning my blog into a do-follow. Anyway good advice and thanks for the tips.

    Best Regards