Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Power of Content

First off, let me say that although I employ internet marketing strategies I 100% believe in my ideas such as my lateral synovial joint loading routine.  Being right is never enough, like Wikipedia has shown you also have to rank number one on google(and Wikipedia is wrong much of the time).

Content gets a bad rap, some say Content is King, others find that laughable, whereas I would say that content is a very powerful duke with a special technicolor dream coat that gives it power.  Content without links(the technicolor dream coat) is worthless.  Words surrounding links is something that the google search engine can measure.  Just a list of links on a page is never as good as contextual links.

Why do you think that sites like Infobarrel and EzineArtilces willingly give you do-follow back-links in exchange for articles that may get 3 to 5 page views?  A new page is very powerful.  A page gives you the opportunity to link back to some of your old pages.  The power of the page doesn't depend on how many page views it gets, it depends on how many link views it gets.

We already know that links to the same web address on the same page don't get any link juice but you just add another page of content and link to your site from that same site then boom you get some link juice flowing again.

It's not just about varying C-class IP, you can always vary anchor text, vary pages you're linking from, and vary pages you're linking to.  If you write 1000 ezine articles each pointing to different pages on a site using different anchor text(ezine is a bad example as they limit the anchor text length you can use) you'd be surprised at how much traffic you can generate.  On my other blog I have continuously built traffic by creating new posts targeting really long tails and only backing things up with only one or two back-links.

The key is variance if you use a unique C-class IP each time you can build back-links to your site with ultra competitive keywords(in my case: Height Increase and Grow Taller).  However, if your links are from a smaller stable of sources like from a single article directory then you want to use a unique anchor text each time and link to a unique page each time.

That is the power of content, the more pages(the technicolor dream coat that gives the duke it's power) you have the more content you have to link to without the google bot going Been There Done That.  The more content you have, the more you'll be able to squeeze link juice from the same sources.

Forget blogroll links, if two people really want to help each other then they'll link to each other within each one of their individual pages to each of the other people's pages using unique anchor text every time.

And that is why content is powerful...


  1. I completely agree. Content is very powerful, and that content must have links within it. Some people are too stingy when linking to other sites because they are afraid of hurting their PR. That's such a crock. You need to be willing to link out to other sites in order for other sites to link back to you. Creating more content also gives you that many more angles at receiving traffic and/or links! Basically time, patience and a good feel for writing and SEO will gain you success in the long run.

  2. content is the king of every blog. Bad content blogs are spams in my view.