Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Do-Follow Blog Hypothesis

Yahoo!  Ask if I can Google her luscious Bings?

We all know what SEO folk want.  They want back-links.  We know what search engines want, they want content.  Even with thin sites, they have their support coming from sites with content that happen to have their links on them.  If the Search Engines had an opportunity cost of what back-link sources to nerf do you think they'd nerf Web 2.0 and comments or would they nerf RSS and bookmarking links?  Web 2.0 and comments contribute content whereas the latter doesn't.  The organic voting system doesn't work so what the search engines do is target the greatest of evils(like RSS or Twitter linkwheels).

The latest trend in back-linking is guest posting to wordpress blogs ala The Keyword Academy.  Now the key is that all the blogs on TKA's network are blogs maintained by individuals who give approval to the content.  The blogs are all wordpress blogs.   The search engines want blogs that are maintained and are not automated spun content.

Anyways, my question is do you think Google is going to like more a Web 2.0(Blogspot blog) that is maintained or a self-hosted Wordpress Blog that just has automated spun content placed on it?

The goal of any blogger is to provide value to it's readers.  Here's what content(value) is to a Webmaster in a blog:

Is the Blog Do-Follow?
What's the PR of the Blog?
Is the Blog an Authority Site?
What's the Blog's Trust Rating?
Are all the pages of a Blog indexed?
Does the blog have original content(the blog is not spam)?
Are you allowed to use keywords in your name?

To newbies maybe other things matter but to an SEO expert, those are the things that matter.  And since my blog is nowhere for SEO blogs I have to appeal to those SEO experts who are constantly on the search for back-links(every surfer generates impressions).

Here's my hypothesis:

I can get lots of traffic for this blog despite the fact that I am no expert in SEO given that my main blog is in no man's land for keywords like height increase and I probably have the worst choice in keywords by virtue of choosing keywords like Nitric Oxide.  I don't think good knowledge of SEO is needed to run a successful SEO blog :)


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