Friday, June 18, 2010

My Link Building Plan

My original plan involved lots of comment links.  Comment links work but the problem with comment links is that some people have very strict rules on what comment links they accept.  The ideal comment link system is to have a link from each page of their site to each page of your site and then link to articles that are linking to your sites.  When you find a site that has laxer rules for comments then you are golden but for some for some it's just not worth the effort.

Whereas with an article site you can link to your properties much more freely although it's easier to come up with a comment link that well "comments" on the article.  So, my plan as is now is to create new blogs and support these blogs with article directories that I like to use.  Why have my articles all over the web when I can build some sites to host my own articles and link however I want?

They key to building blogs is to create blogs that add value.  Even a wise man can learn from a fool.  Schools teach crazy scientific theories that ancient cultures have all the time.  Schools seem to think that incorrect information has value.  Why shouldn't search engines?  But there's one example of something with no value that's been taught and that's the Book of Numbers in the Bible just a whole lot of Abram begat Isaac.  But anyways I think most people(and search engines) have the problem with sewage sites.  There's also the problem of thin sites just promoting $47 ebooks way over ranked in the index but Google seems to care a lot less about that then Made for Adsense sites.

Anyways, my hypothesis is that as long as I maintain my blogs as actual sites where I'm trying to build readers and develop quality content Google won't have a problem with me linking to my other properties where applicable.

Here's my link building plan:

My Passion Site at Top:  The Quest for Height which I've developed a legit method for gaining height that people are getting results for but as we know it doesn't matter unless the site has back links.

Then there's going to be this diary site which links to my main site about my experiences about building traffic.  It's also going to have SEO articles.

Both these sites are going to have article links pointed to them plus blog directory and comment links when the method to obtaining them isn't annoying.  The goal is for each page on each site to have one article link.

Then I'm going to start a blog about writing articles which features blogs about how I come up with ideas for articles.  This blog is going to be like color commentary on article writing and it's going to be used to link out to the articles I comment on.

Then I'm going to eventually start blogs on fat loss, muscle growth,  and cancer which are all connected to height increase by the fact that they're all affected by cellular proliferation.  These sites are all going to be at the top of the pyramid with my Quest for Height blog.  Here's a simplified diagram of my link pyramid:

Article Commentary Blog->Articles->My Blogging Diary->Quest for Height(+verticals)

You never want any of your sites to be on the bottom of the pyramid.  You always want the bottom site to have a link from an authority site(like Ezine Articles), a bookmarking site(like Digg), or a blog directory site(like Blog Catalog).  I'll probably have the article commentary blog reciprocal link to the article links(sacrilege I know) and then use the other article link(s) to link this site.  The first link to each page is the best one.  The first link gets you on the map at webmaster tools.  As long as the link shows up on webmaster tools I don't care that it's reciprocal as long as it gets counted. 

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  1. Link building plans are good. But it must be done properly.