Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Traffic Stats

When I first started my blog about gaining height, I didn't know much about SEO.  All I knew is that I wanted to find a method of growing taller.  I tried reading problogger and making blog comments but I wasn't getting targeted traffic and I had a very high bounce rate.  I was getting between zero and three visitors a day.  I had a couple of links here and there(not for SEO but for referral traffic benefits), but traffic was pitiful.  Things began to change when I found a study that listed a very promising height increase method.  I got 90 visitors on the day I made that post and subsequently advertised it on the forums.  Now, I thought this was an incredibly promising method, IGF-1 and HGH don't have that kind of support behind it for height increase(in fact their are many studies contra-indicating their effectiveness).  The study was fairly new November 2009 and I thought unearthing this study was fairly remarkable content.

The next day I only had 45 visitors but at least I never went back to being between 0 and 3 visitors a day.  I was disappointed.  I found what a thought was a study that had revolutionary impact on height increase and I got 90 lousy visitors!  The info on Problogger and other blogs wasn't cutting it until I found blogs like Make Money for Beginners, I learned about how link-building was so important to get targeted traffic.  I had done all I could to get traffic from the height increase forums and ranking higher in the search engines was the only choice I had to get more traffic so I could get more brains focused on developing Lateral Synovial Joint Loading theory.

So, I started doing my 10 free back-links off of BuildMyRank, building some back-links off the $1 trial from Keyword Academy, and submitting sites to Article Directories.  I also got organic links from sites like Mesenchymal Stem Cells dot net and random links from Right Health.  With each new post backed with back-links, I got increasing amounts of long tail traffic until I was getting traffic in the ranges of 150-200 unique visitors a day.  I'm still nowhere near the mega keywords like height increase and grow taller.

But, I'll report on how successful my strategy of building links for really long tails develops.

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  1. kids outdoor toysJune 17, 2010 at 8:49 AM

    that is a great increase in traffic. You must be doing OK from that kind of traffic?