Thursday, October 7, 2010

Best Reviewier-Site Review

I found a genius idea for a site called Best Reviewer.  The site is awesome.  You put together Top Lists.  Like I did a list of Top 17 Height Increase Methods.  All 17 of the links(*gasp*)you guessed it, linked to my site.  Normally social bookmarking is a pain.  This method allows you to churn out 20 deep links really quickly.  You just have to write a main description for your top.

There's also profit sharing.  You get 100% of the profits for one ad block.  This will probably earn you a couple pennies but it can add up!  If you refer someone you get profit for an adsense block.  The revenue sharing offers a good incentive to make a really good top as the more impressions you get the more money you make!  And your referral link is at the bottom of all your tops so you can make money if someone just clicks on your top. Also for all your referrals you get an anchor text backlink on all of their tops. The site even lets you chose the anchor text of the link making the links extra strong.

The monetary incentive allows you to make money by not just spamming your link(which is easy to do as you can spam 20 links at a time) but by posting quality tops and making good top 20 lists.  You can make money if your page goes viral.  There's also a good incentive to leave comments as each comment you give builds an internal link to your profile page building up link juice to your old tops.

The navigation of the site is very confusing but the site seems like it is under construction so that will improve with time.

For the referral system, you will have to either get social traffic or build targeted articles to try to convert people.  They do post your referral link on your site so you may happen to get Best Reviewer referrals that way.


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