Friday, October 8, 2010

She Told Me-Site Review

In the last entry, I reviewed She Told Me's sister site Best Reviewer.  I gave the site rave reviews and said that it was a good way to make up to 20 deep links at a time and a way to make a couple of extra pennies on the side.

She Told Me is a do-follow bookmarking site and it also features profit sharing.  Again the profits will be on the penny level but the monetize aspect does offer some interesting incentives.  Unlike Best Reviewer, comments don't link to your profile so there is no incentive to comment for internal link juice.  But, what the profit aspect does is that it encourages you to submit other sites that might get a lot of votes.  Not only does submitting good sites get you votes but each time you submit a site you get a link back to your website.  This is in stark contrast to a site like Digg where you only want to submit your own content.

There are some other features that Best Reviewer has that She Told Me doesn't like Best Reviewer lets you put the anchor text for your site link and Best Reviewer posts your referral link on your tops.  This enables you to perhaps luck out and get a few free referrals and perhaps a little extra money.  The big difference as mentioned earlier is the inability to build internal links to your scoops with comments this means you have to work on your own to get your links indexed.  There is a top 10 commenters plugin so if you leave enough comments you get an internal link to your profile on all your pages.

If you look at one of the comments on this site you can see that I got some referral traffic from She Told Me but I'm not sure if the traffic is from people other than other Internet Marketers.  Hence why I'm going to be playing up the Do-follow aspect of this blog.  The traffic does not seem high on the site as the scoop with the most votes at the time of writing is 12.  Since the site targets internet marketers so heavily it's unlikely for it to ever be able to contract the mainstream public that advertisers covet.

Buying traffic wants to read stories about celebrities and beauty secrets.  Unfortunately, there's no incentive for the Internet Marketing traffic to really participate and vote on other scoops unless you want to find new active do-follow blogs or check out what niches other people are writing.  But, the good news is that She Told Me is not one of the sites available on Social Marker so there is an incentive for people to actually visit the site and not just bots.

She Told Me is a great site that needs to implement some of Best Reviewer's features and needs to find a way to encourage people to vote on stories and visit them.


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