Saturday, October 9, 2010

Will She Told Me be Google Slapped?

Many things that have been exploited by Internet Marketers have been Google slapped such as Hubpages and Squidoo, will the same fate be suffered by She Told Me and Best Reviewer?  Those sites were a part of something called bum marketing, where you tried to rank for long tails using the authority of Squidoo and Hubpages.  Then you would make money using affiliate programs or google adsense.

You can churn out a lot of content really fast on She Told Me and take advantage of the instant indexing to make money off some long tails.  You can get automatic approval on infobarrel but it's a lot faster to write a paragraph then 325+ words.  You can even develop some king of recursive system between She Told Me and Best Reviewer.  Top 3 Scoops and then you submit your Top to She Told Me.  Then make a top of three of your tops and submit that top as a scoop.  Then make a top of three of your tops and submit that as another scoop.  And then do another top based on your top 3 scoops and so on.

I just tested it right now and it's possible to make a top of three scoops.  But Best Reviewer is still growing and there's new features being added all the time...  So I don't know if Best Reviewer has potential for abuses other than making Google bots explode :)  And I made a top of three tops.

But anyways the instant indexing on She Told Me means that you can get traffic right away and make money right away for keywords.  Eventually you can achieve instant indexing on your own site but then you can't rank with a paragraph.

What you can do is rank for very obscure terms like "Does Kelly Clarkson have a mole on her left toe?"  Then get traffic and make money off those very obscure one searches per year kind of terms.  Then make money off trickle traffic.

It's extremely powerful and extremely easy to make 100s and 100s of tops and scoops very quickly.  There has to be some potential for abuse and I think eventually there will be a Google smackdown.

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  1. Man you are making my head hurt with your circler scooping and topping and scooping. That kind of activity might lead to that slap - but not normal linking activity to quality articles. Also, what is the point of going after worthless search terms?