Saturday, October 9, 2010

How to use She Told Me and Best Reviewer

Earlier I gave rave reviews to She Told Me and Best Reviewer, now I want to explain how to use these sites for your internet marketing endeavors.

All sites on lower tier have links to all the sites on higher tier.

Tier I-Your Site
Tier 1.5-Your Support Sites(Have to be this high to get needed authority)
Tier II-Infobarrel
Tier III-Ezine Articles(Maybe lower as no profit sharing, but I'm not sure how they would handle links to scoops and tops!)
Tier IV-Best Reviewer
Tier V-She Told Me

Of course there are forum links as part of this but you can only chose to send your profile and sig links to one site.  Also, there are blog directories as well.  Digg would make a good Tier VI but it frowns upon self promotion.  You can make scoops of your tops from Best Reviewer.

You really want to try to make good search engine content for your scoops and tops.  At the time of this posting, one of my scoops ranks number 3 for She Told Me review.  So you can get your Scoops and Tops ranked!  You can rank them for cousin keywords and various long tails.  I've mentioned that She Told Me has mostly internet marketing traffic well you could get search engine traffic too!  I'm not sure how targeted the ads will be however but every little bit counts.

I'm having a hard time coming up with a good Tier VI to help the She Told Me and Best Reviewer Tops Rank.  But remember you can get your tops and scoops ranked for things and by doing that not only can you build your link network, you can get a little extra money too!


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