Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tech Savvy Traffic Builds More Backlinks

The spammers get the same tools in every niche.  Article Marketing Automation works as well in the yo-yo niche or the internet marketing niche.  The social tools that white hate bloggers or webmasters get is not the same in every niche, there's sub 10 people in the height increase niche that have websites but I'd guess there's over 1,000 in the Make Money Online Niche.  My scientific post on Indian hedgehog proteins isn't likely to generate a lot of natural back links.

So what do I do?  I build an SEO blog to tech advantage of the tech savvy potential of this niche.  Then I link to my normal blog and channel the tech savvy linkage to my main blog.  This niche has some awesome writers like Ben, Grizz, Allyn Hane, Frank Carr, and Splork.  I'm not likely to be able to compete with any of them(except as a source of do-follow back links).  I can try sucking up to them and see if I can get a few reciprocal links that way(that's what the Splork video was for).  I'd love to be a support blog for Grizz even if I just got a little bitty extra strength for my own personal links.

Darren Rowse uses problogger as a support site to his digital photography school.  Some of his posts consist of nothing but links to Digital Photography School(the legendary sneeze pages).  His DPS may make more money and he may be more passionate about it but Problogger brings in the links.

And I will never count on Google or the other search engines to fight Black Hatters.  The Black Hatters can just scrape and spin other people's quality content and rank number one with that.  So, I'll probably be making some various fan videos of popular bloggers to see if I can get back links from their blogs.

Now the black hatters like Grizz and Ben don't funnel back links from their SEO blogs to their passion sites(because they don't want to give Google a paper trail to their money sites) but Darren Rowse does.  And one of the advantages of being white hat is that you get to put everything out there on the table.  Use the white arts and hope to god that a Bear practitioner of the black arts casts a powerful link juice spell on you.


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