Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Bum Marketing Friendly Article Site

I'd like to present a new article directory called Call to Action Articles.  I reflected that although Ezine Articles was good for building backlinks it wasn't nearly optimized for Affiliate Bum Marketing.  What made Ezine Articles good for Bum Marketing was it's enabling of a strong call to action but there were a whole bunch of ads on the page.  Also the article can not be self promotional.

Call to Action Articles is in beta and as I get some Google checks I'll be able to add more features but the core is working now.  With Call to Action Articles you can post your affiliate link on the top with no competition from ads.  There will be no internal links on the page distracting the reader.  You get all the juice.  Post a big honking Amazon widget. 

Features to come include making the page even more spartan so there's nothing distracting readers from you and your affiliate links.  You can use Call to Action Articles to build links as long as you have a good Call to Action but it's primary purpose is for affiliate links.  Why should you build links to Ezine Articles where a lot of the traffic clicks out to the Google Ads on the page?

You will need to build backlinks to your articles as there are no internal links and I have provided some instructions under tips. 

Why you should use Call to Action Articles:
  • Call to Action Articles is self hosted so benefit from the search engine juice from a dot com domain.
  • No ads competing with your link.
  • Self promotion is allowed.
  • Duplicate content is permitted as long as it follows the rules.
  • Call to Action Articles is free!
Email me at to sign up for Call to Action Articles Today!

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  1. I hope that call-to-action articles also allows the ability to republish the articles on websites and in ezine publications.