Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to use Call to Action Articles

Call to Action Articles is a new Article Directory I created which is optimized for Affiliate Bum Marketing.  I wanted to illustrate how powerful this article directory really is with a new post I made advertising She Told Me.  In the future, there will be a lot more features(need to buy No Ads+Custom CSS Upgrade for $45 then there are space and user upgrades as the need arises) but right now Call to Action Articles is very powerful for Affiliate Bum Marketing.  Once I get the CSS Upgrade, there will be fewer links on the page distraction the user from your text.

All you need to register is to shoot me an email and I will hook you up.  Let's compare Call to Action Articles to Squidoo there are a lot of other ads competing with your affiliate link.  The key to affiliate marketing is to not have any distractions from what you want the user to click on.

Let's go back to the She Told Me page I did.  I have an affiliate banner at the top and the bottom.  I have heavily promotional text convincing people of the power of She Told Me.  Can you get a page of that kind of Affiliate Marketing Power with traditional Bum(free) Marketing methods?  No.

You can do a Blogger blog but you won't get the juice from a dot com domain and you won't be able to get the template flexibility that you can with Wordpress.  Now Call to Action Articles doesn't have a lot of domain authority but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use it.  I even allow you to use duplicate content as long as it has a Call to Action and is in promotional speak.

So what you can do is build a page on Call to Action Articles and instead of having affiliate links on all your other pages divert the link juice to your Call to Action Articles page.  Then you get the link juice from those other sites and the benefit from the Template provided by Call to Action Articles.

Now even with the template advantage of Call to Action Articles you may still get more traffic and more click-thrus with your affiliate links on Ezine or Squidoo.  With Squidoo, you can keep the affiliate link on the site and still link to your Article with affiliate link or banner.  With Ezine Articles, you can do half and half, keep your affiliate link as one of the links and use the other to link to your article on CTA Articles.

I hope you realize the Bum Affiliate Marketing potential of Call to Action Articles and give it a try today.


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