Sunday, October 10, 2010

Postrunner Review

Previously, the Postrunner system was mentioned as discouraging people from posting on their own blog as they can always just post on another blog in the postrunner system to get Article backlinks to their site.  Posting on an article directory results in a loss of the title bonus but as illustrated by Ezine Articles it is possible to make up for it with enough authority.  Splork recently wrote a post about The Keyword Academy and how it ensures he never has to write content again.

He submits his wordpress blog(10$ a month for hosting) and waits for the articles to come in.  Then he pays other people to write articles to build backlinks to the articles other people wrote.  Then he spins those articles and uses fast backlinking methods to get juice to his site...

So not only is there no need to post on your own blog, there is also no need to write your own articles.  The work involved is using Micro Niche Finder or other keyword tools to find "green" keywords that make profit greater than expenditure.  I prefer to just churn out articles until I churn out enough to make a profit...

The internet is becoming rather like The Stock Market where you make predictions on which domains will be valuable in the future and buying and selling domain names for profit.  IMO, social traffic would be good to determine which sites determine Exact Matching Domain.  People typing in Forbes in the search engine will be looking for and the site will have a high click-thru rate and a very low bounce rate.  People typing in Where Can I Buy Acai Berry? will not be looking for and the site will have a lower click-thru rate and a lower bounce rate.

I tried Postrunner's 30 day trial and I got some okay backlinks.  Will I try it again when I have money for the 33$ a month and can submit my own wordpress site?  Maybe.  Then I can move Ezine Articles lower on my Tier chart and I can also see what other people are doing and read other peoples content.  I think it would be great fun.  I don't think Postrunner is worth it without your own Article Directory though, I would much rather just submit to the same sites and build up internal linkage.


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