Monday, October 25, 2010

Call to Action Articles Case Study I: Part I

In order to showcase the incredible usefulness of my new article directory Call To Action Articles, I am going to do a case study for an article on site for the keywords Build Deep Links Fast.

In order to start the ball rolling I'm going to try to rank for my own article for those key words.  Call to Action Articles is already indexed in google and is ranked number 2 for those keywords.  I chose build deep links fast as my keywords as the top ranking site in Google is a forum.  It is also easily optimized for the referral program I am choosing which is Best Reviewer which makes building 20 internal links at a time a cinch.

I also wrote an Ezine Article and I'm going to try to rank for that as well to show that you can use Call to Action Articles as a landing page for your affiliate links(Ezine Articles forbids direct affiliate links).  I'm also going to try to rank for that as well.

Also, I wanted to show that you can use affiliate programs to build backlinks.  In Best Reviewer, all your referrals build inbound links to your site for you.  I believe Free Traffic System has a link based referral system has well.

This page will serve as an example of how to use Call to Action Articles to build an effective landing page for Ezine Articles and other sites that forbid direct affiliate links and how to use Call to Action Articles as a direct portal for conversions.  You can use squidoo but Squidoo is cluttered.  CTA Articles is already less cluttered and I will be removing other things that clutter the site after I get the $15.00 for Custom Css.

Internal links will be minimized so people don't spam the directory with articles.  I want people submitting a few articles and then promoting those articles to make sales.  I want bum marketers to have a place where they can build landing pages for Ezine without a Squidoo lens.

So I'm going to be tracking my progress for the keywords and I'll post another entry once the Ezine Article is approved.  I've already backlinked the Article with social bookmarking sites and I'll track it's ranking for the term Build Deep Links Fast. As of right now, the post is indexed in Google but nowhere else.  This post links to that article so I will start backlinking this post and see if I can start boosting the articles rankings!


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