Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is Ezine Articles a Made For Adsense site?

Ezine Articles is clearly designed to make lots of money with adsense but there are degrees to how much a site is a made for adsense site.  I'm going to go through all the criteria and see how much Ezine Articles fits of being a MFA site.  Note:  No matter what Ezine Articles will always receive new articles as each article you submit gets a fresh backlink to your profile page reminding search engines of all the other articles you submitted.

1) Site layout is designed to make the maximum amount of money on adsense.

Take a look at my grow taller article hosted on ezine articles(shameless backlink).  First, notice how ugly the site is.  Most MFA's have an ugly site to increase click through rate.  Notice the Google search button right at the top then a google ad and then another google ad.  Then there's one more google ad at the side and one more tiny google ad under all the adsense menu options.  The layout of the site is not designed to improve the user experience but rather to make money with adsense.

Layout wise Ezine Articles is a Made For Adsense site.  Even the minimum content length of 250 words is designed to make money from adsense as this allows a higher ad density versus content.

2)  Site is only designed to make money from adsense(no other monetization methods) and nobody uses the site for other purposes.

People use the site for backlinks and affiliate sales.  Some quality sites do syndicate Ezine Articles content.  People also use Ezine Articles for Niche research.  If people only used Ezine Articles for backlinks then it would definitely be a Made for Adsense site as then no one would write article for readers but rather for SEO purposes.

Ezine Articles does have several bonuses for affiliate sales.  The call to action at the bottom of the article.  The status as expert author to build trust with the reader to make them more likely to buy.  There are also several tutorials on the site on how to use Ezine Articles for sales.  The alternative monetization method of getting a Premium subscription is also geared for affiliate sales.  I can't imagine why backlink borgers would want to have premium status.  The ability to save signatures and to schedule release of content favor affiliate sellers.

Some changes like not allowing direct affiliate links and requiring a landing page hurt Ezines status for affiliate marketers.  Although marketers can always sell their own products and people get around the restriction.

The more Ezine Articles moves away from servicing affiliate marketers, the more it becomes a Made for Adsense site.

3)  Content rules match Googles guidelines.

A true MFA site would only use Google's content rules to decide which content to allow for it's site as that would allow it to host more articles and get more clicks.  This is one criteria that Ezine Articles definitely doesn't fulfill.  EA has all kinds of silly criteria like not allowing the mention of EA in an article, a keyword density limit, and all kinds of silly nonsensical rules.

Ezine Articles is very close to being a MFA site but is saved by it's weird editors and affiliate marketers.

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  1. I think traditional made for adsense sites are just displaying content on a more or less unedited basis while ezinearticles is editorial-based to some extent so the quality is still a bit higher.