Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Page 360 site review

Page360 is another do-follow social bookmarking site with revenue sharing.  It's not as good as She Told Me.  The interface is not as good and I couldn't see the Google Adsense blocks.  You only have to write 100 words rather than 250.

My Tier pyramid will now look like this:

1) Height Increase blog
2) This Blog
3) Infobarrel
4) Ezine Articles
5) Best Reviewer
6) She Told Me
7) Page360

Page 360 is at the bottom because you always have to write more pages for the lower tiers than the higher tiers and only requiring 100 words making content for page 360 is pretty fast.  The highest vote level is 12 whereas the highest vote level for She Told Me is at 18 and Digg is at 400 or something.  So I assume the site is pretty new.  Also, there are not a lot of reviews of it.

Page360 also has more ads than She Told Me making it less likely for people to click on your ad.  Unlike with She Told Me though you do get an internal link when you post a comment.  I have started bookmarking my She Told Me Scoops with Page360 which is pretty zany.

Page360 has potential and you can always use more backlinks and you might make 0.0001 cents from it.

I wonder if more do-follow social bookmarking sites with revenue sharing are in store.  None of the do-follow/sb/revenue sharing sites aside from karma linx are on social marker.  There is also Xomba which has social bookmarking as well.

She Told Me is better than Page360 but because Page360 provides quick links do you have to use it?  I wonder how many more bookmarking sites we'll see.


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