Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Call to Action Articles Case Study I: Part II

So the goal was to rank my article for Build Deep Links Fast as stated in part I of the article ranking case study.  It is already ranking number one for Build Deep Links Fast and is on page two number 16 for Build Deep Links.  So my next goal is to get the article ranking number on for build deep links as build deep links fast has no search volume.  My Ezine Article hasn't even been approved yet so I can't focus on the whole landing page aspect.  I wrote about two articles including the previous part of this article and I used social bookmarking tools.  That was about all it took to get number one ranking in a couple of days for a four word length long tail keyword(not that it gets any search traffic but it still should have a good conversion rate for the referral program).

Best Reviewer can build 20 deep links at a time.  Nothing can beat that. Say what you will about the C-class ip restriction but you can use best-reviewer to link to your articles on other sites with more domain authority.  The C-class ip theory runs in contrast to PR theory but just only work for one link per domain per PAGE(not per domain).  If you get easy links run with them.  Then you have a whole new page that your article and bookmark is on that you can link to.  We will see what happens for the slightly more competitive keyword of "Build Deep Links".

My Ezine Article is using the anchor text of Building Deep Links but it might take a while to be approved since it's only 250 words.

There are two main internet marketing methods:

Adsense Critical Mass-Build so many pages that you eventually get ranked for so many long tails that you start to make money.
Targeted Affiliate Page-Build links to get targeted traffic to a page that leads to an affiliate program they are looking for.

In method one, you really want somewhere where you get 100% profit sharing eventually but you'll take traffic to the other sites.  You're not trying to rank for specific keywords you're just trying to build your network and you figure that you'll get enough traffic eventually.

In method two, you're funneling traffic to a specific page where you want them to do a specific action(Call to Action).  You don't want them to click on a Google Ad or a link to one of your other pages.  You want them to click on the affiliate link.  You're trying to build highly keyword targeted links to a specific page.

Call to Action Articles strives to meet method II and it'll prove it's power when I start getting conversions for Best Reviewer.  Most Article Directories go for Method I.

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